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Zakala's Pics

Finally sorted out the whole zOOm Media Gallery plugin for Joomla! and I'm getting my head around how to apply different styles and content to the system.

So we now have pictures (mostly of the lovely Love Commandos) and news feeds and lots of other goodies :)

Now I just have the job of migrating all the old content across to Joomla!

Zakala's nearly ready to launch

The new Joomla! site for Zakala's is nearly ready for launch. I'm still not sure about the colour scheme though - what do you think?

Racing up the charts...

Great news for the Histiocytosis Research Tust - this week the Owl and the Pussycat podcast moved up the charts.

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Better lessons would improve behaviour, says Ofsted

'Unruly behaviour in some of the worst secondary schools in England could be improved if teachers gave more varied and interesting lessons, according to the standards watchdog.

'In secondary schools where bad behaviour was an isolated issue, the cause was often pupils' frustration with the poor quality of teaching they received, said an Ofsted report published today... The National Union of Teachers immediately hit back, saying: "It is difficult to understand how Ofsted has come to this conclusion when it does not measure the quality of teaching during inspections. This smacks of a return to the bad old days of assertions by the then chief inspector which he could not substantiate."'

Hmm... teachers, teaching or curriculum? More worrying, surely is that the people who measure whether our schools are up to snuff don't actually measure the quality of teaching.

Perhaps it's time the whole post primary education system was sorted out by educators, not by politicians, and that the teaching unions finally accept that not every teacher is a perfect paragon of teaching. Oh and here's the scary one for all of you - we should start asking the students to evaluate the teaching they are provided with.