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Does Pirate Bay verdict spell trouble for Google?

Let's be honest, this was hardly a surprising outcome was it? But the ultimate ramifications could be far wider.

The media industry really would rather the internet would go away, since it's a distribution channel that they find hard to control (but they're willing to spend the cash to get there) and it tends to destroy their revenue boosting conceit of "regionalization"

My real concern is that once the media giants get a stranglehold on illegal distribution of their own content the next logical step will be to shut out any independent producers. There's no real proof that piracy alone is responsible for their huge loss of revenue, yet once they've done all they can to stamp out piracy they'll have to find another excuse for their failing business model.

The technological push is already there - SACD, Blueray & HDMI all require huge budgets to create masters that will play in commercial players. So if they can just kill off DVD, CD & mp3 they'll really be happy.

Paranoia? Perhaps. But one day I could be busking on the corner of a street somewhere awaiting the arrival of "the man" to serve me with a "cease and desist being creative notice" for infringing the rights of the media giants to make money.

Legal downloads swamped by piracy - BBC News

10 years ago the recording industry was losing money because of people duplicating CDs and 20 years ago it was because of us all taping vinyl. The bottom line is that the music industry has been in decline since the 70's as more avenues open for everyone's disposable income.

The IFPI can whine all it likes, people will only buy the goods that they can afford to spend on and music is still a relatively expensive disposable income choice - most blockbuster films can be bought when released on DVD for only a pound or two more than a chart album and they seem to get discounted sooner too. The situation also complicated by newspapers and magazines "giving away" "free" albums. That says sends out the message that music is valueless - if it's free on the Daily News why shouldn't it be free on the internet?

Even us artists are starting to realise that we can be better off going it alone than trading our output to the media giants so that they can make a vast profit and pass us scraps. The days of multimillion pound deals ensuring vast profits is gone (look at Robbie Williams recent failures) so why bother? If you can record your songs at home for the price of a computer and the software that often comes free with it then ANY money you make selling them on iTunes or your own website is more profit than you might realise from any record deal.

Love Commandos Recording

The Love Commandos spent a gruelling 40 hours in the studio last weekend.

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We are Compliant

After much tweaking and tinkering the site is now fully XHTML1.0, CSS and RSS compliant.  Added logos to celebrate!

Apple to announce resolution to iTunes charges? -

Apple is expected to announce steps to resolve European Commission
charges that its iTunes stores broke EU rules by setting prices country
by country in Europe.,39024653,39169599,00.htm