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Zakala's website is getting a facelift. I've migrated to a new, improved version of Joomla! Please bear with me while I update the system as it may take a while to get all the old plugins installed and content uploaded.

I've recently finished putting together the Love Commandos new look website. Designed as a new blog style site for the West Midlands rock band it will hopefully attract more people to the band - especially once we get out and start gigging again after completing the album "Siren".

Sad, sad news - the passing of a man who was already a legend in his own lifetime. Les Paul dies in White Plains, NY at the age of 94. Not only did this musical genius develop one of the first solid body guitars "the log" in 1941, his designs later marketed by Gibson, he was also a pioneer of what we now call music technology. This is the man invented multitrack recording and ushered in an entirely new way of capturing bands' performances that would revolutionise the rock'n'roll era and influence all future recording.

We mourn a great guitarist and phenomenal musical inventor.

More from Associated Press - Guitar legend-inventor Les Paul dies at age 94
1. Joomla 1.5 is NOT yet compatible with PHP 5.3 so don't use XAMPP v1.72 for windows as a development tool (use v1.71 - it has PHP 5.2.9)

2. Audio CDs (I mean the complete package, CD box & booklet) were heavier 20 years ago than they are now.

3. Online job application forms are very annoying and require far more time to complete than downloaded word documents.
Drivers for the Samsung ML-4500 for Windows Vista can be found on the following site:
Hope this is useful for anyone like me with one of these wonderful old workhorse printers.