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Flash mobile is dead! Long live HTML5!

Adobe has announced that it will no longer be developing Flash for mobile devices, though it will continue support for Flash on the desktop. Some may see this as a win or at least validation for Apple's position on Flash on iOS devices. Whether Apple's position has influenced Adobe's decision more than the development of HTML5 is debatable, but if HTML5 is the driving decision then one wonders about the lifespan of desktop Flash.

From an accessibility point of view the loss of Flash may be seen as a good thing; while Flash could produce some wonderfully interactive and visually impressive websites, accessibility was far too often overlooked.

Guardian Online: Apple throws in towel to Apple in Web software war

The lowest common denominator of music...

...also known as the PPL's top 75 of most played tracks from the past 75 years. If you want to host the most populist disco ever, just play this lot!

Government suggests review of copyright laws

The BBC have reported that David Cameron has suggested that the UK's copyright laws should be updated to allow technology businesses more freedom to innovate as well as decriminalising individuals who wish to transfer formats or create backup copies. Good news if it goes ahead as planned, but the danger is that the rights controllers will lobby very hard to ensure that as little as possible changes.

UK copyright laws to be reviewed, announces Cameron

Samsun ML-4500 Windows 7 Drivers

Hurrah! it seems that Samsung have finally chosen to release drivers for these robust printers for Windows & in both 32 and 64 bit flavours:

Good news as this saves messing with the archived Vista versions!